There is no risk. Download Stock Works with full functionality for free to determine if it meets your needs. Unlike some companies that will only let you open a program a few times, we give you unlimited access to the software for 30 days. There's no pressure to buy. We are confident you will see the value of Stock Works Software.

Easy to Use

All of the application can be accessed from the new Microsoft Office style Ribbon. This new user interface will enable you get your data entered quickly.


Easily manage all of your corporations, stockholders and certificates from one program. You can even import your current spreadsheet data in to Stock Works or export your data to another application so you can easily manipulate the data to suit your needs.

Calculations for an Individual Shareholder

Stock Works has the option of having a user choose a date and then Stock Works will perform calculations for an individual shareholder based on this date.

Calculation of Summary Information

Some have tried to copy this feature, but only Stock Works offers a calculation of a summary of information for all stockholders that currently own shares of stock as of a user defined point in time.

View all Critical Information on One Screen

You have the ability to view all information from one screen including corporations, stockholders and stock certificates.


New fields are now available to enter zip or postal codes and either a state or a province. You also have flexibility when entering information (e.g., if stock fair market value or basis isn’t known, you may calculate without it or enter it at a later point in time).

Custom Reports

Stock works includes the reports that most users desire. If you don't see the reports that you desire by clicking on the reports tab, you may now export the report data and manipulate the data however you'd like.

Tax Form 1120 Report

Calculating and reporting the percentage of ownership and number of shares owned is a breeze. This information is needed when the tax returns for the corporation are prepared (whether by you or your CPA).

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