Incorporate with LegalZoom

Incorporate your business online with our complete document preparation and filing services. Simply give us the details. We’ll do the rest. No time to fill out the forms yourself? Let us do it for you. HBank & Associates has partnered with, the nation's leading online legal service, to help you quickly and easily incorporate your business online. Just complete a simple online questionnaire. LegalZoom will prepare your documents and file them with the Secretary of State. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Questions? Call (888) 381-8758 (M-F, 7:00am-6:00pm PST) or click the link below to incorporate your business today.

How does it Work?

1. You complete a brief online questionnaire.
2. LegalZoom creates your documents and files them with the government.
3. You receive your filed Articles of Incorporation and other important documents in your final package.

Optional Services

• Priority Rush Service (7-10 Business Days)
• Registered Agent Services
• Federal EIN (Tax ID Number)
• S-Corp Election
• Deluxe Corporate Kit and Seal
• Seller's Permits
• and more